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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>>eporter: includinghese apartmen look at this, the entire second oor of ts apartment building ripped off. you can see ght into people's living rms. >> looat that thing comin here like is. >> reporter: twisters claiming the ves at least three others, including two at ts louisia r.v. park. wherhley east and her family we huddling together. what was it keoing through th tordo? whatere you thinking? >> just, god -- let bok. let us get through this. repter: david, e tornado ripp thrgh this neighborod, destroying this homebut ok. you can see a stack of books stilsiing on theiano, and over here,he refrigerator stl stanng. the storms now ming north. david? jusincredible. linzie, thk u. let's g right t abc teorolog marci with theck of these ss and et tt righbehind i all. >> rorter: heydavid. what wide-rehing tornado outbreak. all spinnin around this monster lo rightver ohio, not to side of this. be critical.
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that areosted now and tches that are pted through 11:00, as far aw jersey. blizzard ws main ufo illinoisndia. with another two t tennches of snow possible on top of what they've already seen. let's time tever weatheronht. biwindas thislowin david? >>ob marciano at the weather wall for us. rob, tnk you. ne tonight, to the race for the white house, just six dantil super tuesday. critical day, of course, i ahead. dold t aroaching i with new momtum tonig aer winning the nevada caucuses. his third victy in aow now. and th tim getting nearl halfall thvors senatomao rubio gi o senated cruzor secon and tonit, we're how hearing from trump's wife, melania, ying, he doesn't get t credit he deserves. also, who would trp choose for vi presint? and is tre aombshecome on trump's taxes? abc's tom llas on e caaign
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off running the table i nevada, dold tru sing like the minas already s. >> it's ing toe an amazing o months. ht nven ne t months, lks, to be hont, all ri will youe t here, pat? look ahim. >> reporte trump in virginia to se--se with evgest pat roberts >>an, it's good to have you here with us. >> reporter: so confident, he's now revealing his priorities for running mate. aprently theutsider candidateants an insider v.p., someone able to helpim cut deals in washington. >> i do want somebody that's political, because i want t get lots great legislation that we all want passed, that's just sitting there for years and years and ars. >> reporter: in nevada, trump scng up more votes that his two rivalsombined. >> after a wholeot of months on the road -- iis good to be home. >> repter: senat ted uz, today in houston, endorsed by
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>>e are t a people who are impressed a lot olustery rhetorichat'sot backed up by truth. the me for the clownand the acrobats andhe dancing bears has >> reporter: but right across town, risingival, senator mao rubio. >> we ot have a commder in chief that is not ready th first day in oe. you can't s, wellwh i get ther i'lre thesmartest people andy're going t what do. >> reporter: but both senators struggling to compete with the trump show. today, in a raerview, the mogul's model wife, melani describi what first drew her to the donald. >> his md. amazing mind. i'm my own person, he's his own person. and i think th'sery important. i don'nt to change him, he doesn'nt to change me. >> and tom llamajoins us live tonight. trump w cong unfireor refusg to relee hix returnbefo sur tues and tonight, former republ pridtial nominee, mitt ey, speaut?
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mitt romney sange thks ere'likely a bbshell in trump's tax return romney, cing noproof,ays he thin trumps not asics trp cim be, a h 't doned a mucho chary as much trump s said. trump has responded eded tonight with a tweet, saying that mitromney is a fool, and isrying to act like a tough guy. david? >> tom llamas with us tonigh again. tom, tnk you. on the democratic side toght, hillary clint, picking up a key endorseme, sena minority leer harry reidhoosin her overenator bernie sanders, saying it's timefo the party to conlidate behi clinton. senar sands, thoh, vowing to stay inntil the long haul is over. speaking to enthusiastic crowds, lines to see him in kaasy toy ping aund e bloc south carolina, of cours next for democrats. clinton ahead by nearl points in the lls for soh calina an syit abc nsor full covere o super tueay specialons "good morninamericndd ne toni"and orge a the entire powerhouse pitical tm on the air beginning at 10:00 p.m.
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>>now, tan abc ns exclusive, and the national coersation tonight. the dete over whetr apple shouldelp e fbi break in the iphone used by syed farook, e of the san bernardino llers. tonigh right he, my clusivetervw with apple ceo tim cook who is standing rm, saying,his is n abo one iphe, this i a hundreds of millions oiphon, and protecting everyone, americ families a the informatiothey store on their phones. and he ss, what the fbis now asking wouldet a dangero precedent.two lls st this week showing the country divided. t, and let us know wha ink. as we sit here, you know se of thfamilies othe victim in san bernardino hav now com out i sportf the judge's orderhat apple hphe fbi unlo that ion e famil reportedlysaying, we'rery and confused as to this. at wld youay to those >> david, th have our deept sympathy. what ty've been throug no
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ape has cooperated with the fbi fuy in thicase. they came to us and asked us for all thinformation had on th phone, and we gav everything that we had. but thisase is not about one phone. this case is about the future. what is at stake here is, can thgovernment compel ape to write ftware that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerae arnd the rld, including the u.s. >> and you'd have to write that syem in order to unlock that phone? >> yes. thonlyay we know wld b write a piece of sofare that weie sort of the software equivalent of cancer. wehink it's bad news to write. would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what is at stake here. >> the fbi, though, says it believes that syed farook used that phone to commwith his wife, his accomplice, i'm curious, do yole at all with the possi that
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that phone that could reve otheplots, other people who were involved in plannine san bernardi attack? >> david, ife knew a way to get the information on the phone that we vet already given, if wknew a way to do this, at would not expose hundreds of mlions of other people's issues, we would obviously do it. >> i wt to get to whathe f dictor, mes mey, h sd. he said, it's notbout a ippe slope. 's about, quote, 14 people who were slaughtered and many mor had their lives ruin. maybe the phone holds the clue itdot. buwean't lk the survors in the eye and ourselves if we don' fw any possible lead t there. do you underand where he's coming from? >> i do understand where he's coming from. and is is incredibly complex issue, to place a ba doorn the iphone. we believe it does put hundreds of millions of customerst risk. >> lete k you this you've invited me to apple before. new products with black drapery over them, the locked doors, the
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secretit apple to those w might y, why didn't the fbi and apple tea up far earlier in one o those secret labs and get this done and no oneould have ever had to know about ? >> well, i can't talk aboue tactics of the fbi they've chosen what theye done and they've chosen to do this out in the public, for whatever reasons that they have. what we thk this int, is that eed to stand tall and stand talln principle. there's probably more informatn about you on your phonthan there is in your house. our smartphones are loaded with ouintima conversations, our finaial data, our health records. they're also loaded with the ca of our kids, in many cases, and so, it's not just about priva. but in your quiet momen might be able to prevent a
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t phone? >> did, some this ha, and some things are t. and some things both. this is one of those things. >> and in this case, you believe there are somehings that just should nevere cread. >> correct. >> but tim cook tells us they talked to the fbi early , giving them vice, he says, on otheys to best get information from that ipho. to plug it in, to back it up to the icloud. did they do th? >> unftunately, in the days, the earldays of the investation, an fbi -- fbi direct the county to reset the icloud password. when that is done, thehone will no longer back up to the cloud. an so, i wish they would have contacted us earlie so that wod not have been e se. >>rucial was that ss opity? >> it's very crucial. the wte house sd is week that the fbi'reesis quotimited in scop limited in scope
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this? >> i have not talked to the president. i will talk the president. do t it's lite no. >> you have talked to the president before, on these issu oprivy and security. yes. areou disapind there wasn't more of aialoe with the adnistration before this swift action fm the juste departme? >> yes. >> you wish the was more done? >> y and i thinthe should have been. this filing -- we found o abouthe filingrom the ess. >> i'm curis, tim. did you everhink tt you'd find yrsf athe cenr of such a crucialationadete? >>o. this is -- this is n a posionhat we wouldikto in. it is a very uomfortable position. to oppe yo govnment on something doesn't feelood. and to oppose it on somethin
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civil libeies, which they are supposed to protect, it is incredibly ironic. >> app h until friday to that it sist the fbi. r legal teams preparing. e full interview with m cook onurwebsite, righter abcncom. and then, tonht "nli," i aimoo tondtrp's cal to ott ape. in the mnte, tot news, a fm whington tonight, and a new development inhe standover the supreme court. to mt withresident obama to discuss nomies. se majority leader mch ccnend committee chama chucgrassley. yestday,h said theyou take, quot naction on anyone the presidenmed. to be continue >>an're learngew information tonight abt the pit in tt deadly chopper crasnear pearlarbor. e family onard, last night, their teenage son passing away. he had bn trappeunder water. rescrs cutting himree. well, tonit here, why th pilot nosa he steered that helicopter right into the wa abc's david kerley covers
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now llvestigators, he had berending up in thwaters ofearl harbor, with bystanders jumping in to scue the five onbod. the pilosays he felt a vibration, heard a grindin sound, flowed by a loud bang. he plansn emergency lding on a gssyarea. but as he gets close, heees peoplen the lawn. quickly turns the chopper left, hong to landn the shoreline. t the helicopte falls sudden intthe wate one of the bystders ichris gardner. >> i saw people runng d screaming and tookff my shirt and dove in the water. >> reporter: but they had trouble freeg a 16-year-d boy, part of a family or, from h seatbelt. he washe only tali, with the focus of the investigation on theechanical issue and how the lot reacd. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wedsday fm california. breaki developme
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by michael david barrett, who then posted the videos online in 2008. bathe, she wouldn't talkall e wod dos cry. >> reporter: feelings she talked about on "good morning america." >>ememr my dadayg to me"you may hal and -- iuso him, "ddon't . dosay that wd. reporter: barrett served o ana lfears f stalking.ew n sng him, and the owners of that marriott, for $75 million, claimghe hotel inteionally placed barrett next door to the tv st. the hotel cim barrett a criminal, who trickhein as for andws' ther, he says hiughter hasn't been t same. >> she's a shellf the pers she s before this happened. >> reporter:yan smith, a ne, new york. >> ryan, tnk you. american giant. the family blaming a product for their mother's canr. > also, thdeveloping story at this hour in the west.
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facebook asking, dyou like something, or doou lovit? here's dav wright. >> reporter: facebook halong acknowledgedhe limitations of like. >> tre are more sentents that people want to exess than just positivity or that they like something. epr:o, as od ere are mo ways to rea. >> we trendobm. eporte tak that new"ge ofthrones"y curnt maki rounds. >> the greatest ilder is me. i would build e greatest wall you have ever see >> rorr: "winter is trping." it wasriginally producedor the australian broadcasting corporation. well, instead of thumb's up, can u give it ve, or a wow, or ha-ha, or en s orn angry. >> i don'thi they likee rymu reportefeur that adveiser likehevy rey oking expit >> stain >> reporter: so far,ovishe most popular optn. inenalthat is. at'sot to likebout that? david wright, abc news, new york. >> thank you for watin a beautiful night ren the bay area.
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od n "as go to the evin a wee g things with our falies, we just that you ep nate and s family in your thoughts and in your prayers." park count deputy is killed... twothe deputies are recovering from gunshot wounds. we'll ve live report fr bailey and anotr courtroom outbstm ma mits he iet e anparenthood shting. robert dear sayse s "secrefis" he wants to sre with the media. od evening, and thanks for joining us. i'jame rm. and heather skold. we continuto foll breaking news in pa county... a community ing is just getting started in bailey... whe three sheriff's deputies were shot t morning. rporal nate
5:57 pm
deputies were serving a high- risk evictio notice. corpor carrigan w a 13-year veteran of the sheriff office. e shooter has been identifis rtirth... who was embroiled in a legal battle over his proper for at t two years. krdo chnel 13's emily allen is live ibail. and emil the community coming together o lk abo this trac weouide plat canyon communy chch. communtiy is coming here to talkbo what happened. one deputy is stl critical condition. i spoke to a neighbor who knew two of them personally. he ss nate carrigan ... the deputy killed ... waeaguy who was a staple in this communy. deputies went to martin wirth home to ict hihebi ss deputies knew this would be dangerou eviction. they follow him inside... and he shhe puties. hbors heard the shots this rning. but this is a mountain town... they until they
5:58 pm
news. it'sust . 'sag tt is is the worlwe le inyou se it and you think it somewhere else. but obviously 's not somewhere else. 's clo to home martin wth was fiercely fighting is ection. h tried to sue but his case was dismissed. occuenver recrted peop to help protest his home. new infoio
5:59 pm
admie'the planned parentho shooter. dung rober de's competency hearing.. he shouted to reporters in the courtroom.. sayinge had ec he nts to sre. also in court.. day.. thmpetency report n ready.. and a new hearing was set fomarch 23rd. a judge ordered the am after dear said he waed to rresent himself. the exam will showhether imeally capable making that deon. prosor say his stow an understanding of the case against him. were working to find out what dear claims are secret files.. keep it set to t networks of do newsannel 13 for that. it ig to b chlyig in southe colorado w lowsropping into the teens and twor
6:00 pm
tomorro wia ttlecool than it was dawi highs warming inhe 40s for most. it wil contue heating up into turday, how you how warm it getsnd whennow rerncoming l in the


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